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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Something's been bothering me

for quite some time now. Has anyone else noticed around December that if you drive down the street, any street, very late at night, that there are deflated "blow-up" plastic Christmas decorations lying around on the ground as if they've been partying all night? What's up with that? Are there gremlins who lurk around in the wee small hours, letting the air out of these things? Or poking them with a pin? Or have they REALLY been boogying all night at some plastic blow-up decoration party? Maybe they drink too much.
I find it all very disturbing. Maybe next December I'll start a charity to benefit deflated plastic blow-up decorations. Yes, that's what I'll do. Unless of course there is already an agency devoted to this cause. I've never heard of one.


  1. I'm thinking we should party with them next year.

  2. I HOPE someone is poking them with a pin! Those suckers are scary! LOL!


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