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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's midnight

and I haven't chosen my word for 2010 yet. I DID say I would by the end of the day. Maybe my word should be procrastination. Nah, I don't really procrastinate. I just get distracted. Maybe I'm ADHD. Ooooh! Squirrel! Now, where was I?
It's not my fault really, I was blurfing (my friend Jana's word) and you know how it is, you start at one blog, then click on a link, then click on another, then another and before you know it, you've arrived in some other galaxy. Which is exactly what happened. As I recall, there was a link that said "Free vintage clip art" and before I knew it, I had 20 more images in my clipart file and plans to make 367 new ATC's before I go to bed tonight. Two hours ago I was going to get up at sunrise and go to the woods to take pictures...did I mention it's midnight? Oooh! I hear an airplane! What was I starting to do?
Oh yeah, my word. I'm waffling between "music" and Focus" Given this blog, maybe "focus" is the best? Hey, can I recycle a potato chip bag? I'm leaning toward "music". Excuse me, I have some ATC's to make.

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  1. I don't sweat the Word of the year - I like the concept but I sort of let it arrive in my mind. I'm very weird, I accept that so it may not work for you like it does for me. I love coming by and seeing how productive and arty you are, I am soooo stuck in a creative desert right now. (SIGH)


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