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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'll bet you're just sitting there waiting, with baited breath, for my next weather report. Go ahead, admit it. You are, aren't you? Well, let's see. Yesterday, the town (city?) where my daughter lives made the National News. They were moments from declaring a state of emergency. I called her in the middle of the day, on something that had nothing to do with the weather and she told me the power had been out all day and all the food in her freezer had defrosted. So I said, "Did you open the lid?????????" (gasp) and she said Yes, with that, well, duh, tone to her voice.
It didn't SEEM like a stupid question. It was at that moment I realized I had failed as a mother. My daughter has reached the ripe old age of 19 without knowing that you don't ever, never, ever, under ANY circumstances, open the door/lid of your freezer if there is a power outage! How could I had missed that? Was it when I was teaching her the difference between right and wrong? Was it that day we discussed the Golden Rule? I Know!! It was the day I told her about sex. THAT was a red letter day. I explained (some of) the mechanics of the whole deal and she looked at me thoughtfully and asked me, "Mommy, how do Penguins do it?" Do YOU know how penguins do it? Well, I didn't. Still don't. I may never know how penguins do it. THEN, as if that wasn't bad enough (I'm scanning my memories of MOMMYSCHOOL 101 for the class on how penguins do it as she's talking to me) and out of the corner of my eye, I see she has two of her little plastic barnyard animals and she's got one on top of the other she never learned not to open the lid of the freezer when the power goes out. The cold escapes, honey. And what with the price of cold these days... OK, so the weather. They got SLAMMED. When that happens around these parts, it's kind of like a bowling alley, except it's vehicles that are littering the lanes. Over a foot of snow in an hour, or some ridiculous record. NOW they're waiting for the flood when the snow melts.The Mayor was interviewed on the news and he shrugged and said "It's April. This is Alberta." What do you expect?" And THAT"S what the weather was like yesterday, only an hour and a half from here. HERE, it's nice. :-)
This LO is my contribution for Gingersnap Creations GROW Challenge. There's a closeup of the journalling, so I can justify why it's for this particular challenge. I wandered over to their Website here and spent a long time perusing other's efforts. My gosh, there are some talented, creative people out there in blogland! It takes my breath away!
So there we go, GROW is the topic of the day. Sleep well tonight, or today, if it's almost your naptime.


  1. So, this post made me laugh, and then it made me all misty-eyed. You're the best story teller of 'em all, Girlfriend! (And now I can't get the concept of penguins doing it out of my head. I love penguins, but... ew!) ;-)

    This LO is wonderful! Absolutely, freaking wonderful, and you two beauties are radiant. This is so perfect for the GSC Growth theme! I'm glad you joined us. And now I know: NEVER open your freezer during a power outage (apparently, back in the Dark Ages, my mom neglected to inform me, too).


  2. Fantastic layout, wait, is that YOU? An actual picture! Holy crap! he he, you look GREAT! Penguins, hmmm, not sure if I want to think about that or not....

  3. Just so everyone knows,
    I DID NOT OPEN THE FREEZER. I'm not challenged.
    Thanks for making me sound like a dumby mom.


  4. It's "dummy" sweetie, and you're not one. Love you.

  5. Holy smokes, Lady. How did I miss this post. You snuck one in on me. This layout is amazing. I can relate to the inquisitive mind of your daughter. Wait, I mean I can relate to being on your end of it. She is a hoot.
    Going to find out about Penguins now.....

  6. What a beautiful and touching layout! Thanks so much for joining us at Gingersnap Creations!

  7. What a beautiful and touching layout! Thanks so much for joining us at Gingersnap Creations!


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