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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Women of Paris

I think I was born into the wrong generation.
What I would give to have been able to wear one of these dresses.
No, wait.  I just realized how early I would have to get up to get ready for work.

Never mind.

No women were hurt in the making of these ATC's.


  1. Those are fantastic ATCs. Could you imagine getting dressed in something like that? Yikes! Pretty, but yikes!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous attire, and perfectly made for a portrait. But think of what it would be like wearing that on a hot day! I cringe at it! :)

  3. can you just imagine how long that must taken, she must have half her life getting dressed! love your atcs...

  4. Jenxo, too funny, I agree! What a process to have gotten ready every day, no wonder they needed helpers to pull their corsets tight and hold the dress for them to get into!!

  5. ...and you didn't get to wash very often. Imagine the relief it must have been to sink into a bath!! Sorry, that conjures up all sorts of the wrong sort of images, but it made me think......

    And I've heard it said that little animals could live in their hair... oooooh-yuk, made myself ill. One good thing, I'll bet they didn't go to work like we do.

    What was I thinking to go off on those tangents. Think I need some bubbles to brighten my day....where's that cork-screw?

  6. Hope you found that corkscrew Chat Noir!

  7. LOL - glad to hear no women were hurt in the making of these ATCs! They are marvelous; pretty, witty, and fun!

    It's the corsets that always stop me dead in my tracks. But I suppose when they were brought up wearing them it wasn't so bad!

  8. These are totally AWESOME! I know, I use that term a lot, and it's soooo 80's, but it expresses how I feel about these totally AWESOME ATC'S! Great job! And no, I can't imagine wearing those freakin dresses.

  9. These are fabulous, Electra! Love those styles and the fabulous backgrounds you have created.

    I have really renjoyed looking around your blog!

  10. I love each and everyone of these. I think I would have liked these dresses too. They would cover up my large southern region. LOL.

  11. These are wonderful ATC's.

    About those dresses as beautiful as they are, they do look very uncomfortable, I'm sure after 5 minutes I'd be shouting - get it off me right now!



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