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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feminine and Masculine

I'm having so much fun this weekend.  I have four days IN A ROW off and am doing exactly what I want to!  Which of course includes making stuff.  The latest stuff I've been making is some ATC's for a swap and one of them needs to involve glasses.  So I put a pair of glasses on this weird little girl (I can't remember the artist who painted her). and then some "accessories", and then the rest was history.
My little girl, when she WAS little really loved her own fashion sense.  I remember one day in particular when I walked into her bedroom and there she was doing whatever it is little girls do and she was wearing her jammy top as pants.  I don't even know how she did that.  Another time, I went into her room to cover her up, after she'd fallen asleep, and she was wearing her red and silver tutu over top of her nightie. I don't know how she did that either. Come to think of it, she wore that tutu EVERYWHERE for a couple of weeks. THUS, the ATC.
If you go over to visit Dezinaworld, you have a whole week to make something for their challenge. Plus, You'll be able to visit some of their other blogs from their and have access to all sorts of awesome digital art!
Why not?


  1. I LOVE. LOVE. Love. This! It is so stinking fabulous!

  2. I love this. That little girl is so odd, she's adorable. I have one of those. She's a fashion maverick too. I am officially jealous that you have 4 days off. I have to go shower now, so I can go to work. :-(

  3. Wow!! This is Amazing! I LOVE her boots!

  4. How incredibly cute...and you have really pegged the challenge of feminne and masculine!

  5. Oh this is priceless. Every little girl I'm sure has surprised their Moms by their sense of style!!!

  6. OMG, this is so cute! You really rocked this one!

  7. That is just so perfect, Electra. Beautiful job of matching the theme.

  8. Ohhh this is delightful Electra, what a fabulous atc so very unusual and very cute. Love the story of your little girl and her tutu too
    Thanks for your kind words and for entering the challenge this week too.
    big hugs June xxxx


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