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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is somewhat irreverent, there are those who will say

I got barred from the Two Peas Message Board, because I did a challenge putting someone in a burlesque outfit. At least I THINK that's why. I thought it was tasteful. It was burlesque, not pole-dancing. Good Grief. The thing was, they did not remove my entry and say, Electra, that was not appropriate, please do not do that again. and I would not have done that again.  But they didn't do that.  Nope, just booted me off.  I never have been let back in and no one has has the presence of mind to tell me why they did it. I've just drawn my own conclusions. I was very surprised and offended by it all.  That's me, offended, not offensive.  Oh well, their loss.
Have said that, here is my contribution for this week's Art Creation Friday.
This is the image we were given:
These are great toadstools, aren't they?
I mean no offense to the toadstool branch of the Greenpeace group (I'm sure they have one).
And I'm sure the art nazis over at Two Peas would disapprove.
I just had this image of the garden statues in a row and wondered what if...
And THAT is how art is made IMO. 
If this one offends you, at least go over to visit the artists at and tell them I sent you.
And enjoy their art.  Cus it's wonderful.  And not at all offensive.
I hope you like my piece, but if you don't, at least you won't bar me from your message board.


  1. So sorry to hear you're barred!! always love your art and love to visit your blog!!!!
    This piece made me laugh out loud!!! Fantastic and so funny!!!
    love all the different hats you gave them.

  2. This is hilarious, Electra - Love it!

  3. As you say Electra, it's definitely their loss!

    Love this piece, so funny!

  4. Whahahaaaaaaa...You've made my day !! I've used "manneke pis" also a while ago in a art-piece and found it so enjoyable to work with LOL.
    (watch here is you like →

    Anyway...Great job !

  5. Well Electra I'll be banned in Boston too...because I think this is hilarious...and I'm in favor of burlesque dancers shocking!
    It's like my old Grannie said "Some people are so narrow minded they can see through a keyhole with both eyes".

    P.S. Awesome job!

  6. Love this design, and especially their hats.
    That's a shame about the forum board.
    It a tricky one because we all decide where we draw the line on potentially offensive subject matters and they have obviously drawn the line very high which as you say is fine. But to not say why they are barring you is very poor form.

    I would never have been accepted in the first place. "You have a stylist called Spanky and in your last post you talked about the size of unmetionables (knickers). NO go away. Next please."
    Which is why blogs are so wonderful as they belong to the author and as authors we post the content and people can visit or not as they wish depending on their imaginary lines :-)
    I love this picture!

  7. Your piece is Gorgeous,so funny!!!

  8. Ahhhh.... some people just dont know what they're missing, or maybe they're the new members of the "moral majority". Whatever that is, I dont want it.

    The best part of your work here? The hats, love 'em all. IThese are my favoutite toadies too...I have several pretend ones (small enough to overlook unless you're keen-eyed) in my garden, just because it amuses me!

  9. Fantastic piece and fun, it made me smile, a really creativ work.

  10. Well, I think this is totally hilarious, and once I get done laughing, maybe I'll start a group for humorous art, I think it would become very popular very quickly. Guess they might not have like my sister's name tag, either. hahahaha

  11. This is great, never would have thought of using "manneke pis".
    I love it!

  12. Well. This is absolutely fabulous. Those are some well fertilized toadstools, eh? Tee hee, you made me laugh til I got tears in my eyes. Great work on this challenge pis, er, piece.

  13. I love your sense of humour and your artwork!! I have been enjoying your blog which is so full of whimsy and entertainment. (Hey, I live on the other side of the world - in Australia - but my one claim to fame is that I have actually visited your home town, Calgary!!).
    I love what you have done with the toadstools.

  14. Seriously? They kicked you off of two peas? That totally sucks! I would be pissed! Anyway, I think this piece is hilarious and wonderfully put together!

  15. This made me laugh so hard!! Sam x

  16. Okay, we are even now. Coffee now resides on my keyboard. This is hilarious. I LOVE it.
    I don't think 2 Pea's is sophisticated enough for your superior intellect and creativity. LOL I, however, AM. I love your style and sense of humor.

  17. This is a funny one, you really made me laugh! :o)

  18. I love irreverance! But don't ask me, I'm 54 and still haven't figured out what I want to do when I grow up! I haven't been blogging much, but your comment on my page chased me gladly back to yours! Thanks, I needed some inspiration!

  19. :D Thanks for the smile on my face, great take on this theme.


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