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Monday, October 4, 2010

You know I love Opus Gluei, right?

Of course you do!  It is the one challenge I NEVER, EVER miss (except once, but I was too sick to come to the puter).  Well, challenge #74 is
That's it!  Halloween!  How much fun is that?
when I saw what the challenge was for this week, I stopped doing dishes and laundry and housework and immediately rushed to my studio to make something spooky.
OK that's a lie.
I wasn't ACTUALLY doing any of those things,
but I could have been!
in another liftime maybe

Here's what I created:

Where the pic of the two little girls came from is beyond me, it's been on my hard drive waiting for a time like this.  The little witches' heads, hats, the raven (nevermore!), and the word (and number) art are all from Lisa's Altered Art.  with her images, ANYONE can make something wonderful!
Now, you know you've made something Halloween-y.  You know it and I know it.  That's what we do.  You may be keeping it a secret, thinking to yourself, "No one will ever know,", but I say to you,
Stand Up and Be Counted!!
Take a risk and show us your spooky art.  Add it to the other art at The Order of the Opus Gluei.
You'll have fun.  Just like the rest of us do.
I'll see you over there.


  1. Well, oogedy boogedy right back atcha! Aw, you like us, you really like us, you have no idea how wonderful that makes us feel. Well, actually you do because I'm 'fessing up that we get all jazzed up to see your kind words.

    I love this, love that you had the two little faces just waiting to be made into something spooky. Gee, I really was hoping that you did immediately drop what you were doing and run to your studio to create.

    p.s. - I'm embellishing the banner even more and then trying to figure out if I can fit it hanging from the mantel (without being scorched when I get the fireplace fired up, that would be MOST unfortunate)

  2. BOO! to you too. Your piece is wonderful. Love those sweet little witch faces.
    You are SO excused from playing with the Poobahs when you are sick. (Actually, we are flattered and honored, and a bit flabergasted (sp), that you keep playing with us.


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