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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gingersnap Inchies

I love making inchies.  I love receiving inchies in the mail.  I love everything about inchies.  Thus, I have taken part in the Gingersnap CreationsInchies Challenge.
This took quite some time, but I had a great time making it.  Feel free to click on the image to make it bigger.
And go see the other magical work at Gingersnap Creations

Please click on the image to see the details.

My inchies were chosen by Gingernap Creations as a Gingergem!
I am excited beyond words!!


  1. Wow! I bet this did take some time...and patience! Great job.
    xo, Karen

  2. Wow that is a lot of inchies my friend....never seen so many in one wonder it took you a long time, but so worth it. Terrific card. Annette x

  3. This looks AWESOME! You did such a fabulous job with it!

  4. Greetings, fellow inchie lover--
    I have a thing for inchies, too!

    Great piece, it's fantastic!


  5. OMG what a fabulous way to use inchies... I would never have thought of doing that in a million years you clever girl you!!
    Mind you I don't do that many cos my fat fingers hinder me doing small things... so I am totally in awe of how many you've done Electra and all so gorgous too :D
    Chris xx

  6. Love this piece!! what a great way to show your inchies!! fab colours and images! Mx

  7. Incredible inchies. LOVE this. WOW.


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