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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trees and Sketches and Sketched Trees

The Order of The Opus Gluei gave us a sketch this week and said Go forth and something with it!  So I made a card.
Remember, I hate making cards.  But Christmas is coming and I have a friend or two, so what the heck, I made a card. Here it is:

(If you go and visit The Order of The Opus Gluei, you'll find lots more inspiration for your own forest.

THEN, I looked at it and thought to myself, "Self, there is a tree on there and trees makes me think there is something I should be remembering about trees, now what was that about trees?"
(I'll bet you thought I snapped my fingers and had a Eureka moment.  Nope.)

Over yonder at Gingersnap Creations they are suggesting a monthly theme that we can use to come up with some holiday cards.  This month, the theme is "Trees".  See, the reasoning is that if we all play along and make one or two or a few more holidays cards each month, we might just be ready when the time for mailing comes around.  (I have no illusions that I'll be ready for anything, but I'm always up for something fun.)
after I remembered what is was I was trying to remember about trees as I gazed at my lovely Opus card, I kind of went into a trance and made some more.  Tree-ish cards, that is.
This last one looks better in person (in tree?).
The ribbon says Peace on Earth.
Gingersnap Creations will make you happy.  Go see.  Really.
my hat (woolly touque in fact) is off to both Gingersnap Creations and The Order of The Opus Gluei
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick some pine needles out of my hair.


  1. I LOVE THESE CARDS. Yes, I am screaming this. My family is giving me dirty looks, and the dog ran from me, but I cannot help myself. You are amazing. These cards are amazing. I can see the sketch in each and every one of them. And they ALL ROCK. I think you are making cards now. (giggle, giggle)

  2. I'm with Jana, I love these cards too (but I didn't scream, well, not out loud, honest). For someone that doesn't seem to like making cards, you um...really are a great card maker - you can't escape - so I'm afraid we have you now...welcome to the club!!!!

    You have my address, you may select your favorite and send it to me (tee hee hee)!

  3. These are all fabulous! For someone who doesn't like making cards, you certainly rocked these! I had tons of fun gazing at each one. (I have that pine needle paper somewhere... gotta go find it and give it some love, LOL). Thanks for playing "tree" with Gingersnap!


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