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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Inchies

Notice the spider on the pumpkin?
I actually TOUCHED it.  I'm so proud of myself. 
I've moved from one apartment to another because I saw a spider.
It's the only thing I don't love about Halloween.
I got an ATC in the mail yesterday and almost had a heart attack when I opened the envelope.
HUGE spider.  Well, as huge as it can be and still fit on an ATC.
Wait until you see what I'm working on now, you won't BELIEVE it.
What are YOU afraid of?


  1. Wowee loads of wonderful autumn art you've been making! I feel I've missed about a year here :-)
    Love the ATC's especially the pumpkin chauffeur and using a tri fold card is a sensational way to display inches, love that one. The skeletons are just BAD folk! LOL!
    Love all the the digital autumn scenes with or without fairies.
    (You gotta start saving for a Mac- seriously. It's everything they say and more.)
    Good to be bad

  2. Er - I meant good to be back.
    But I think I prefer the unconscious slip of
    Good to be Bad
    I can wish...

  3. I am SO with you on the spiders! I love Halloween art, but you will RARELY find spiders on mine because I don't want to touch them! HA! I made my mother-in-law come to our apartment back in Denver just to kill one because I had never seen on that big before! LOL! Your inchies are awesome!

  4. Love these inchies! Can't say as if I like or dislike spiders, guess they're just annoying to me more than anything.


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