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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Warrior Women!!

Linda Ledbetter of Studio L3 fame has invited us all to create something to help celebrate Sherry Goodloes' wonderful news that she won't have to endure chemo or radiation!  And it just so happens that today, Kimmie of Digital Whisper has given us the image of the woman's torso is honour of her friend MoMeMa's mother.  MoMeMa's mother has just learned that her cancer has spread to her liver.
My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer before I was born.  Well, adopted, actually.  That's well over 50 years ago.  Then, when I was a teenager, she encountered breast cancer, had a radical mastectomy and chemo.  Many many years later, she had to deal with skin cancer.
My mom lived until the ripe old age of 90 and she died of causes OTHER THAN cancer.
So she's the proof that cancer can be beaten, even back in the days when it couldn't.
I hope you'll join me in sending some healing love to those women who are brave Warriors in this battle and all those who love them. 


  1. Damn straight, girl, it CAN be beaten! MoMemMe, her mom and their loved ones are in my heart, with hopes that she kicks this thing like your own mom did.

    Your art is gorgeous, Electra! I love what you created with the torso image.

    And as for your mom-- wow, talk about a Warrior Woman!

  2. Oh Electra this piece is extraordinary...awesome artwork girlfriend...and for a great cause.

  3. Wow! Your art is amazing, and what a story about your mother! Kudos to her for beating it THREE times! Yikes! And to live till 90! What a woman!

  4. Love it!!! Women Warrior...perfect! I feel the strength and softness through your piece. We may be soft, but we can be warriors!!! Yea!!!

  5. Beautifully stated and a gorgeous challenge creation.

  6. congratulations electra, it's a wonderful piece and what do two peas know about art, LOL


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