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Monday, October 4, 2010

I have one more post for tonight. Just a little one.

Well not little like the two little witches who showed up earlier this evening. Little as in it's PAST MY BEDTIME AGAIN and I have no one to blame but myself.

Dezinaworld is asking for fall-themed creations and I've just been chomping at the bit (THAT's not a very pleasant visual is it?) to do a scrabook LO with one of the bazillion photos I've been taking over the past while.  This year, the colours have been AMAZING!  I made this for my desktop so I could look at the pretty colours while I am inside.
Here, what do you think?
TADA!  That'll wake you up in the morning.  (maybe I should put it on my bathroom mirrior, not my computer monitor.
Anyways, I am toddling over to Dezinaworld linking this up for her.  she's having some challenge in her lie, so maybe this will help lift her spirits.
Good night, sleep tight.  I was going to say "don't let the bedbugs bite", but since I've heard on the news there is a North American invasion of them, I think I'll leave well enough alone.


  1. I think this is really great and it is such an unusual layout..very clever.

    Have a great day.

    Sue xx

  2. Gorgeous colors, Electra! I love the scene and the layout design too.

  3. Ohhh my goodness this is so special. So absolutely beautiful. No wonder you couldnt wait to make this. your photo is gorgeous and your art is twice so ... beautiful and thank you for entering and for your lovely words ... you brightened my day
    Hugs June xxxx

  4. Ooooooooh. I LOVE these colors. I would gladly put this on my bathroom mirror.


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