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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opus Gluei

Look at this: 
 Challenge # 76 - Woodn't it be loverly... (Electra be warned - spider alert!)
THIS, my bloggy friends, is the first line of this week's post at 

I could complain about it, but to tell you the truth, I almost had an accident, I laughed so hard when I saw that.  I should tell you that I did NOT look at the post they were warning me about and so I don't know how wonderful it is (and they are all wonderful over there), but I DID take part in this week's challenge.
We had to make something with wood. 
First I began a digital piece with some woodish paper, but then I remembered they said, wood, not paper.
Although a person could probably use rubber bands and they would still love it.
So this is what I did instead:

See the big purple blog at the top?  Know what that is?
Here, look closer:

HAH!  yes, that's right, your eyes are not deceiving you, that, dear readers, is a
(aaack, I can barely write the word without gagging.)
So there, Grand Poobahs, take that!  lol
In case you are totally thinking I've lost my marbles, this time for real, I mean, please go visit The Order of the Opus Gluei and you might understand a bit better.  They are so much fun.
No spiders were harmed in the making of this project.
With the exception of the Graphic 45 Halloween In Wonderland paper, the coffin, skeletons, key, bats, chandelier, candelabra and yes, even the spider (which fortunately was so cute, I was able to convince myself to pick it up, put it in my basket and make this without using tweezers) are all from Mike's.
Where would we be without Mike's?
Who knows, next year, I may be farming the darn things.
But I really, really, really doubt it.  Really.


  1. This, dear fellow arachnaphobe (?) is absolutely wonderfully gruesomely awesome. I'll never make anything to compete with this!

  2. This looks totally evil, I mean, cool. Love that spider, I'm so proud of you overcoming your fear like that. lol. Truly an awesome piece. Farming spiders...he he

  3. HAHAHAHA Farmer Electra. I really can't picture you corralling (sp) any of these little guys. I LOVE YOUR piece. And am very impressed with your bravado. Takes a lot of guts to face a fear. OG loves you.

  4. Hi electra, LOVED your piece for OG ths week! So creative! :D


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