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Sunday, November 21, 2010

ACF #96

Isn't this pretty?
and we've been given it by Art Creations Friday to create something wonderful.  To tell you the truth, I just sat and looked at it for awhile, trying to imagine myself there on that beach soaking up the sun.  It is currently minus 24 outside.  that's MINUS 24 BELOW ZERO.  Stupid cold. 
It didn't work, BTW.  I'm still cold.

A couple of days ago I visited an historic home that is here in the city, and it's decorated for the holidays.
It was SO pretty!
The background for this ATC is a photo of one of the bedrooms in the home.
I decided to take the young girl off the beach and put her in a bedroom in a home which in the winter, many many years ago, was likely as cold as it is today.
No reason she should be warm, when I'm suffering.
I'm sure you agree.


  1. minus 24? Fahrenheit or Celsius? Whatever it is, that's pretty darn nipply. Wonderful art, I don't care how cold it

  2. Really beautiful, great idea to use a foto as background.


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