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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sewing Notions

This month at Gingersnap Creations the theme is "Haute Couture"  It's ONLY about my mostest favorite theme!  (except maybe Time.)  And the Spicy supply Challenge is titled ""Sewing Notions".  I would lose some serious sleep to participate in this month's challenges, that is FOR SURE.  Foturnately, I haven't had to, as I've had FOUR DAYS OFF IN A ROW! 


That is major creating time.  I'm as happy who had just had four whole days to do whatever she wants to.  Could it be any better?
YES, I'm aware I'm rambling again.
Here you go:
The background is embossed cardstock, the frame is by Crate Paper. Both the dressmaker stand and the sentiment are by Daisy.  The blue fabric is from For Elsie, and I can't find her anywhere, so who knows...
The sewing notions in the top left?  They're sewing notions.  Except for the scissors.  That's a button.

Come play with us!


  1. Its beautiful and my fav color teal I love teal. love all the details

    have a great week hugs wendy

  2. Well done, I love the turquoise-y color, very cool!

  3. This is fabulous!! That's one of my favourite themes too - must try and get something done for the challenge before it's too late!

  4. i was too overwhelmed with the possibilities that my four days off could I watched a lot of tv and didn't do anything productive at all! I'm much better when pressed for time!!


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