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Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're nearing the end (sniff, sniff, tear in my eye)

of Margaret's blessed Dress Up 2010 series.
Are you taking part?  Are you visiting and going gaga over the incredible dresses that the participants are coming up with?  Silly me.  Of course you are.

Margaret has asked us to put on display the wardrobes/closets/containers in which we are gathering our precious collections this month and even though mine is nothing fancy, here it is.

the front:
and the interior:
See?  Nothing special.  But it works for me.
And here is my November dress:

I made this is October, thinking it was November, but it wasn't, so I had to then make an October dress, cus this just wasn't Halloweeney enough and after all, every girl needs something Halloweeney for the assorted "do's" that take place around that fantabulously spooky month.  "Do" was my mother's word.  Isn't it a hoot? "Do what?"
So then I pull this out and look at it and ask myself, "What the heck was I thinking the day I made this, it looks, um, somewhat, er, retarded.
THAT'S because for some bizarre reason, I attatched a cape to it.  (Huh?)  Oh My Gosh.  How embarrassing it would have been if I had shown you that.  WHO wears a cape in November, I ask you?
(Well, who wears a cape anytime?)  So I pulled it off.  And this is what is left.
The paper was embossed, and I cut the sheath pattern free hand (including the dumb cape lol).  The belt is some paper ribbon I have, the buckle is a sticker, on the left shoulder is a bead which attached the now-gone cape, the sleeves are glittered and the leaves are made from a paper bag, glossy accents and more glitter. Gotta love glitter. I added a few pearls at the end.  And then ripped off the cape yesterday.  There is is.  My November cape-less dress.  You can find many more, maybe even some with capes here, all of them perfect for autumn "do's".
Thanks for looking!


  1. Your "wardrobe" is awesome, and I love the dress you made, even though it's .... capeless. lol.

  2. Perfect dress for a Halloween "DO " !!! lovely colour scheme. Your wardrobe is lovely.

  3. I love the dress and I love your little wardrobe filled with dresses!!! This is such a super fun project!

  4. Your wardrobe is great - love the inside too! Nice dress - those little leaves are great.

    Here in the UK we used to have a comedy TV show called 'A bit of a do' about various social functions - so it does make sense - lol.

    Who wears a cape - well Superman of course, but I don't think your dress will quite suit him (wrong colour!)

  5. Ah, now I have a picture in my brain of the lady wearing these (which I know is only because I'm imagining it but work with me). I think this is a lovely dress, despite your reservations. Sure, while all the others were wearing their Halloween costumes, our beauty had her elegant dress on to wow them at the 'do'.

  6. Totally fab capeless 'do' dress! Love the paper!! I rather like the whole embossing idea, I have a few sheets myself that I must do something with at some stage. The leaves are a great touch.
    Your wardrobe is gorgeous! particularly the backing paper behind the dresses, those litle pink manequins are just the best. It's lovely to see the dresses hanging together, I can't believ we only have one more!! Mx

  7. Lovely color combo for your pretty dress ... your wardrobe looks great too! Hard to believe only December to go

  8. Exquisite dress. Love the colors. And the accessories are perfect. I think the cape would have been a very nice, mysterious touch. Perhaps when she goes out late at night.....

  9. Crap, forgot to mention how very loverly the wardrobe is. Love that it's purple.

  10. Your dress is great. I love the blue's really cool...also the texture is neat. Your wardrobe is fantastic, too!

  11. I'm not completely sure how I missed this dress, but I really love it. Had a laugh at "who wears a cape?" OK, I admit, I sure don't. But I DO love this dress! Of course, your wardrobe is pretty "spiffy," too.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Fantastic dress!

  13. Such pretty dresses and wardrobe ! I'm so sad that Dress Up is coming to an end too. really hope someone else will continue it next year . . .


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