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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Not as in "Alice In", but as in "challenge #24" at

I hate to repeat myself, but Kimmie really does give us the greatest images to work with each week.  Not only are they wonderful quality, but they always inspire those who participate in amazing ways.

The lovely background paper is by Catherine Designs, who sadly, is no longer in business.
The foregournd spray of flowers is by Leslie B, who also is no longer designing digital elements.
It's not my fault though, let's be clear on that.
I thank them both though for sharing their special talants while they did.

Because I'm swamped this week, and for whatever stupid reason, pain is preventing me from sitting at my puter-chair, I'm also submitting this for the weekly fun at The Order of the Opus Gluei.
Their Challenge #77 is to
  "go forth and create a sweet project worthy of ooooh's and aaahhh's"
Are you ooohing and aahing?  No?  Well, make your own then. 
Good grief, must I do EVERYTHING?


  1. So lovely!!! Nice touch with the wings....makes you feel like you are in a dream. This make a beautiful gift for a dear friend.

  2. Fantastic, delicious piece once again, GF! Rock on!

  3. ooooooh, aaaaaah this is pretty sweet. I love it. You crack me up: make your own. HAHAHAHA You are SO OG material. One of my personal favorites. But, shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

  4. LOL! I swear I am oohing and ahhing, but I will try and make my own as well :-)
    This is a beautiful and poignant (thank goodness spellcheck knows that one!) layout.
    Whatever have you done to yourself?
    I hope it wasn't done by pressing up against the monitor too hard yesterday?
    I do hope you get better soon :-)

  5. Fantastic! I love all what you do!!!

  6. You definitely accomplished your goals of ooohs and aaahs and it is sweet and elegant too. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Wonderful job all your details...fabulous!

  8. Of course I'm oohing and aahhing, I love your work. I'm concerned about the digital designers that are no longer in business (I'll buy your story, but I'm watching you, Electra. ;-D)

    This did make me smile with its gentle beauty. You take elements and create in a way that I just don't have that knack for and I do envy. It's wonderful to come over here and be thrilled.

  9. What a splendid presentation and perfect blending effect !
    A magical piece !!

  10. It's so beautiful. Great work.
    Mine is here:


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