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Monday, November 29, 2010

We have a Winner!

Guys, you know how you go on other people's blogs and they have a giveaway and they use the random number generator (well, some have their cats pick it out, but my cat isn't smart enough for that) and then they post a little do-hickey that proves they used a random number generator, so that you know there is no funny stuff?
Well, you know how I named my blog "Wishin I Knew How To Blog"?
I hate to break this to you, but I STILL don't really know how to blog.  I did use the random number generator (
and I put in number 1 and number 9 (because two people posted twice and I took their second posts out of the running) and, well,
for the life of me, I CANNOT figure out how to copy that darn little thing to post it here to prove to you I did it
fair and square.
But I did.
Fair and Square.
And our winner is (drum roll please)
Whistle, clap, cheer!
Please say along with me:
Yay, Rosemary!
You may now go about your usual business.
Thanks for all your sweet comments and for making this all
You're the best. Just sayin.


  1. WOOHOO! Way to go ROSEMARY!

    You did great Electra! Your story is much more fun that a silly picture of a random number generator!

  2. YAY!!! Oh, I have the same issues with the random generator and all so I empathize entirely. And I'd have said that even if I hadn't won! YAY!!!! What a lovely way to start my day off!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I also think Lucy passed me some good luck since I feed her a lot. I think I need to put her on the wheel more....

  4. lol Electra, you dont need to post the little thingy lol but i can tell you how i do it.... I have a paint program for digitals which i think you do too. all i do is click on the ptint screen sysrq key on my key board then open my paint program and
    right click and the whole page of random org is on my screen. then i just trim it to the small image box and save to my computer.
    hugs June xxxxxxx

  5. Yay for Rosemary. Wonderful calendar and I KNOW she'll proudly display it in her Studio. Cuz she's cool like that.


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