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Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm freezing.

The question was asked if my comment about minus 20 is referring to Celsius or Farenheit.  Well, it's Celsius.  I don't speak Farenheit.  Heck, I can hardly SPELL it.
Well, tonight the weather man (after a viewer's warning) announced that it is currently
Minus 33.
So I googled it.
Minus 33 Celsuis is 27.4 degrees below zero.
Somebody kill me.  Please.


  1. I'm with you there....winter bites...and so does the frost...yikes...we aren't quite as cold as you yet, but give it time and our cold will make your cold seem less bitter...that is when you are laughing at us while we are shivering away! but this cold is great for card making cuz who wants to do anything else?

  2. Thanks for the clarification! That is VERY cold! Your picture is gorgeous, though, that should keep you warm and

  3. Holy COLD, Batman! That is way too cold! I would move. HA! (It gets that cold here, but fortunately not yet!) Your piece is so pretty!

  4. ooooer and I thought it was COLD here.... you poor love!!
    Hope you got plenty of woolies to wrap up with and a hot water bottle to carry round with you...oh I would want to hibernate GF if it was that cold in my little corner of the world...Sheeesh
    Love the picture though...really beautiful.
    Chris xx

  5. Love this picture!
    It is -7 c here tonight and I can't really imagine what your temp. even feels like, well apart from being *@&** cold obviously.
    Not camping weather that's for sure!
    Get your thermals on my Sweet, and perhaps add another layer of thermals on top of that...
    I think the appeal of the Michelin man is under rated.
    If you get fed up walking you could just lie down and start rolling if you've enough layers on, just think how fast you could get down a hill provided no cars get in the way.
    See there is always a positive side to everything if we but look hard enough.

  6. Beautiful picture. Yucky weather. Hope it gets warmer and stays warmer for you.


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