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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 22

This week we tried Tim's
Alcohol Ink Splatter 
Isn't it pretty?  You know, if I weren't playing along with Linda Ledbetter's
I would never have tried this.
And I like it.
But of course, you've tried it too.  Right?
Doncha just love Tim's book?
But of course you do.


  1. Like Enrique says "I like it!", but wait, no, it's "I love it!" Great job with this technique!

  2. It's beyond pretty, Electra, it's GOR-GE-OUS (I'm talking three syllables worth, not a mere two)! That background is-- holy cow, what word do I want??-- magnificent! Astounding!


    You splattered like a seasoned pro, and the stamping is fabulous, too. So are the flowers. And the quote.

    You even STITCHED it, clever girl! Better post it over at Gingersnap Creation, too-- there's a stitch challenge going on there right now. :-)

    You're fabulous. :)

  3. What a beautiful work!!! You have really nailed this technique, Electra. I'm hoping I get C of C book for Christmas.

  4. Wow Electra its brilliantly gorgeous. Annette x


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