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Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Brook!

It's my daughter's boyfriend's birthday today.
Woo Hoo!
Not only that, but his photo was in the newspaper this morning:
Cute, eh?  lol
In his defence (and, I might add, hers), he came to the city to attend a majorly important football game yesterday and he's the ultimate fan.  (if you can't tell that, you need new glasses)
His team (not ours) won, BTW.
Did I mention that yesterday the temperature was in the
minus 20's?
Good grief.
Would YOU sit in the stands in that weather?
Heck, I can barely leave my house without crying.
His mustache is normally not white.
That's frost.
He looks happy though, doesn't he.
(He's much better looking without the face paint and the frosty mustache.
Happy Birthday Brook!


  1. Happy Birthday Brook. Yikes 20 below. You won't catch me out in that. Or 20 above. Or 40 above. I am a real cold weather wimp.

  2. what a great take on the theme!!!


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