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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Double-Distressed 23

I was double-distressed last week.  It was snotty cold.  But it's much better now.  I'm not even single-distressed.
Hey, guess what?  I'm a Ginger Gem again!  Ooo, I'm so happy!
Did you know stressed is dessert spelled backwards?
Of course you did.  I should probably preface my creation with an acknowledgement that Mr. H's Compendium DOES teach us how to make a Double-Distressed BACKGROUND.
I did NOT make a double-distressed background, I made a double-distressed tree.
I don't think he'd mind.  It's not like there are double-distress police or anything.  Or, like, a double-distressed jail.  Hmmm, THAT could be interesting.  Let's see now, the walls would probably be embossed like Gears,  I'm guessing the bars would be alcohol-inked, maybe each inmate could choose his or her colour palette.  The bed would probably be grungeboard.  Are you with me?
OK, here's my contribution:
I don't know what to say about it, except that it's a card.
And now my cards are done.
Some are mailed.
Are you impressed?
I certainly am.
If you want to be SERIOUSLY impressed, take a wander over to Linda Ledbetter's Studio L3.
You'll be amazed. 
And impressed.
And inspired.
I promise.


  1. LOL!! Absolutely fantastic trees! I am impressed you've done all your cards (and disgusted at myself as I haven't done any!!)

  2. Awesome trees. I am sure that Tim would be proud. And as for getting your cards done and out, well, you make the rest of us look really bad, but I'll try to forgive you for it. LOL.

  3. Yes, I AM impressed! and so are your trees lol

    beautiful card, and wonderful job on the technique

    (my cards are almost done, then the chore of sending them rears it's ugly head)

  4. Nice trees, really fun to explore all of the details.

  5. Wow Electra, this is just awesome. Fabulous trees, you have taken double distressing to the outer limits of the universe...... yep I agree with some of the comments you sure make us feel bad about the Christmas cards......nah not Annette x

  6. ROFL! You're hysterical...I think I've mentioned that before...Lovely card, I really love your embossing! Totally Holtz worthy!

  7. Oh I love your Christmas tree village! Beautiful trees!

  8. Your trees are all great, don't think the double distress police will be after you now, lol!
    Lovely card :)

  9. Hey, there, crafty chick, you're really happening in far out ways!


    I've been horribly remiss in stopping by to visit your wonderful blog (I've been horribly remiss in pretty much everything, actually!), and I'm glad to finally get here and have my socks blown off by your absolutely GORGEOUS double-distressed Christmas trees! WOW, Electra, what a stunning work of art, girlfriend! This is hang-it-on-the-wall-and-gloat beautiful!

    You'd better be gloating, at least a little!

    Congrats on your much-deserved Ginger Gem-iness, too! A very wise choice, I have to say.

    And,I just fed Lucy!

    Hugs to you, sweet friend. We'll catch up FOR REAL soon!


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