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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zip It Up

Challenge #27 at Digital Whisper involves this image.
Can you imagine the possibilities with this?

This is what I concocted.  (Isn't that a great word, "concocted"?)

OK, I am not even going to TRY to explain this one to you.
I know it looks like I'm doing some really bad drugs.
I'm not.
It's just what I ended up with.
My excuse is that I was delirious from the cold...yesterday it was
-41 degrees Celsius which is
-41.8 degrees Farenheit.
Good grief, can you believe that?
Apparently we were the second coldest spot on earth, the North Pole was the first.
Why do they call it a "cold snap"?
What do people think is snappy about this weather?
If you tried to snap an elastic band, it would break.
It's too cold to be eating Rice Kispies (as in snap, crackle, pop)
A little boy sitting behind me in class wouldn't snap my bra strap, he would never be able to reach it underneath all the layers I'm wearing.
(plus I haven't sat in a desk in school for, let's see, oh crap, I can't admit that, ahem, a number of years)
Stupid cold, that's what it is.
Stupid cold.
I just opened the window as it's too hot in here.  It must be warming up.
But I'm not putting my shorts on.


  1. Wow Electra if you're freezin your butt off you must live down the street from me...and it isn't even really winter yet...egads!!!
    Now about this is just a little on the scary side as I can't decide if I'm following her into the water or on to the bank...however either way it has many great element and details that are arranged nicely...good zipper placement and an awesome I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say...Good job well done and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I don't feel so was only -14 here! Still need to unpack my sweaters....I am not ready for the cold!!!

    Great job combining....great imagination. The zipper as a river....very cool!

  3. Well, I dont understand it (your creation), but you've used that fabulous oriental tsunami wave that I always want to put on things like journal covers and the edges of pictures frames etc etc you've won me over despite being in the dark. Now who's confused??

    We had 32C on Tuesday and today we had almost a months rain in one day. I just wear my rubber flip-flops ( well we call them thongs here in Oz but I gather they're something a bit different in other places)and a raincoat.

    Did you know Billy Connelly said there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

    Saving a seat at Dinos for you. When are you flying over??

  4. Maybe I should re-think the thongs and raincoat thing. Its a bad image.........

  5. Great job Electra - such an interesting piece - xxxx

  6. Yikes! That's damn COLD! Always love your digi masterpieces, really fantastic. Keep warm!

  7. Oh dear poor you that is sooooooooo cold, but absolutely adore this masterpiece, such brilliant imagination. Enjoy the weekend. Annette x

  8. Love this piece. It's really very colorful, which I love, and the waves and the ladies make me smile.

    I had to do a double take on the temperature. YIKES. I think I would also be wearing layers upon layers of clothing. I am a cold weather wimp. And proud of it too!

  9. Great imagination. Also this evening it's snow in France.

  10. Hi Electra. WOW !!! thats so amazing. You are so clever and creative my friend.

    Also I popped by to let you know that i have posted about something special for Christmas at Dezinaworld and didnt want you to miss out. please pop by and check it out when you have time.
    have a lovely weekend my friend
    hugs June xxxxx


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