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Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebration Time!

I'm Two!  No, One!  No Two! Oh geesh.
You know, out there in blog land I see all sorts of folks celebrating their first year anniversary since they began their blog....and I think to myself, "that's really cool.  I wonder when I started?"  and then off I go and do something else.  (Some people say I would benefit from medication.)
Welll, the other day I noticed that EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I began my daily photo project at Shuttercal.  that's where I post a photo every day.  I've now done 365 photos.  Yay.
You are probably wondering what the heck this has to do with anything and furthermore why should you even give a darn, BUT!
Humour me.
AND THEN I decided to find out when I actually started blogging (and the thought stayed with me while I did something with it).
It took me a while.  Note that my blog is called Wishin I knew How To Blog.
Guess what?
On November 29th, it will have been TWO YEARS!!!
is my very first post.

In honour of this momentous occaision, I am going to have a GIVEAWAY!

And here is the prize:

Do you know what it is?

Work with me here folks!
Come on....

It's a calendar, guys!
I know, that's a really crummy picture.
For 2011. (What, you thought I would give you a 2010 calendar???)
Made by yours truly with my own little hands and some images from Lisa's Altered Art.
And all you have to do to win it is comment on THIS post. 
Tell me what is the ONE most important thing on your to-do list for the coming year.

Since Today is my two-year and the 29th is my one-year, we'll run this until November 30th and I will do a random draw for the winner that very day.  If all goes according to plan and the creek don't rise, I'll announce the winner that day.
November 30th.
That's all you have to do.
Could it be any easier?
Geesh, I'm the one who has done all the work here.
Ummm, on second thought, if you're still reading this post, YOU'VE done a fair bit of work.
So you deserve a break.
Go have a coffee.
AFTER you comment.


  1. Oooh how brilliant, thank you for showing this. My wish for next year is for all the family to stay safe and well and for get more creative and not be scared of failures. Annette x

  2. Congrats on 2 years ! You definitely know how to blog.
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my zipper dress.

  3. Congrats, gf! And what a gorgeous calendar, which anyone would be proud to showcase in their home! And yes, you definitely know how to blog!

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting!!! That calendar is amazing!

  5. Woo Hoo! One AND two. Happy Happy Birthday Birthday. I'm so impressed with your photos. And you have one everyday for the last year. Fantastic. Lovely calendar.
    I just now peeked at your first post. I think you picked a really wrong name for your blog, cuz, girl, you KNOW how to blog.

  6. Well I am glad I'm not too late to wish you a Happy Blogiversary, I thought we started blogging about the same time but I'm wrong :-)
    Such a loverly calendar!
    We met over at Opus Gluei 'cos I'd met Rosemary through Awfully Big Art Adventure and that's how we started.
    I think you deserve extra horns now for all the OG challenges you've entered ;-)
    May your blogging star forever shine bright.

  7. Yikes I'm back, I missed out the answer to the question, sorry.

    Yours is the only black paged blog I try and read. For some reason I have real trouble reading coloured text on a black background, and I missed seeing the purple text altogether first time round, even when I know it is there I have to look really hard at it to see it as words. I can't read red writing on a blue background at all as the words jump around all over the place and I start feeling sick. Blue writing on a red background is nearly as bad. Weird huh?
    Well, I haven't got a to do list yet for next year.
    But I would like to spend some time creating everyday.
    At the moment I don't even come close to that. Even if it is only 10 minutes on work days. But I think it is doable if I give it enough importance.

  8. Hi Sweetie, congratulations on your blogaversary. I should check what mine is lol. i have so many blogs its hard to say.
    My wish for next year is exactly as Netty's is and in the same order too but add in my friends on the first wish.
    thanks so much for the chance to win such a gorgeous calender
    hugs June xxx

  9. Your blog is so fun, this is a great prize and no, I didn't think you were going to give away a 2010 calendar.

    Hmmm...what is on my list for 2011? I would like to carve out appointments for myself, to make time to play or create. Yes, selfish but that's what I truly would like!


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