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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm so proud of myself!

It's Thursday and I've completed my Art Creations Friday.  Hah!  Yeah, I do have the day off and yeah, my butt has been planted in front of the computer for awhile today, but it's done!  and it was fun.  and I .like it.  Not much more to say, is there?
OK, well, there are a few more things to say.  The pink background paper, woman on the chair and the chair, as well as the farmhouse are by Clementine Designs of Deviant Scraps.
Here is the farmhouse in its original form:
I would love to go there.
The frame comes from Scrapgirls, don't remember the artist.
The boy and girl in the wagon are from and all the other children are from Land of Nod Studio's.
Oh my, I know there is more going on here, but I'm all out of memory.
Thanks for looking.


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