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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coming up for Air

I'm out of bed. Need to reply to friends' sweet comments hoping that I feel better. I'm amazed at how a simple cold can knock the bejeezus out of a person. I'm not kidding, Thursday, I went to a workshop, fell asleep at the table and then left early. I had an art class that night, a monthly canvas that I do, I've never missed one class in over a year, but I had to come home to bed. I went to work Friday morning for a meeting, opened my email and learned that the folks coming to the meeting weren't coming. So I came home and went to bed for the rest of the day. Today I've spent in bed too. Yukkers. It's just a cold. A stupid dumb cold. In 4 sleeps I leave for Ottawa, so I'd better feel human again really soon. Or else. Or else what? Who knows, it just seems like the right thing to say for emphasis: Or else. The pics are of some UTEE things I played around with a while back. The heart is a piece of chipboard that I dipped and the other two whatchamacallits were poured onto my craft sheet and stamped into.Oh yeah, I added micorbeads. I love UTEE. Back to bed now, as soon as I reply to some emails and eat some KD. Catch ya tomorrow!


  1. Here's wishing you feel better soon. You poor thing. LOVE your UTEE works. My fav is the mermaid. She's dreamy...

  2. Glad to hear you are still alive, albeit, with a head full of snot. Amazing how much unwanted fluid a body can produce out of various orifices. I LOVE these utee pieces, it's so much fun to play with, no? That mermaid is a stamp??? That is WICKED! I love it! All of them are just GREAT! Take care, get well!

  3. Colds are nothing to sneeze at (lol) - they actually can lay you pretty low, so take lots of vitamin C and get well. Rest and babying yourself, best medicine.

    Love these UTEE projects, they are beautiful. First I liked the mermaid best, then the heart, and now I can't decide. silly me!


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