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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nightie Night.

I just have a little story tonight. My daughter was born on November 2. Like any other parents who are able to, we devoted all of our time and energies to this little critter with the big lungs. Come New Year's Eve, we decided to go to a dance, and dance we did. For a little while. Then we left. As we were walking out, someone said "good-bye!" and without thinking I said "Nightie-Night!" Good grief. I've never forgotten that incident, nor the look on their faces.
This LO is for the monthly challenge at Scrapbooker's Bliss. I loved what we got to work with this time. Nightie Night now. Sleep tight.


  1. This is a marvelous layout and your Nightie Night story made me smile - I know, you were embarrassed but I think it's grand!

  2. Yep, MARVY layout. What a cute girl! Love the neutral tone on the layout. Don't worry, whomever you said nightie night to, you probably haven't seen again, right?

  3. brilliant! kind of like that thing where you find yourself rocking when you're not even holding the baby, ah those were the days... Margaret

  4. er I would say something like that and not give it another thought, that's bad is it??
    I have no excuse as my youngest is 8.
    But I find I don't care either, I quite like this getting older...I hope I grow old disgracefully.
    If you can't set a good example then you just have to be a horrible warning. That's my mantra for this new decade ;-)

  5. rofl eeeeh that made me smile...what us parents do eh!!!
    It's a great story and a wonderful layout too :D
    Chris xx

  6. 1. Right, Lori.
    2. C'mon Gini, we all know you rock Spanky to sleep.
    3. Thanks for your kind words, ladies!

  7. Arrgggh!
    I spelled "High Heels" wrong in the journalling! Oh well, the Amish say you should always make a mistake cus Creator is the only one who is perfect.I meant to do that!


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