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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The plane is here

for the 1st half of my flight, that is. I was at the wrong gate the last time I talked with you, in fact the wrong end of the airport. SO had to move my chubby little legs. Then I had to rest. Lucky I found out, eh? I wondered why I was all alone, but figured the others were just later than I. WRONGO! I was supposed to be at Gate 22, and I was at Gate 13.
They're pretty close and they sound a lot alike right? Maybe in Klingon. See ya in Winnipeg.


  1. Good God, you're worse to keep track of than.....Tim Holtz! I have no idea where you are right now, but hope you make it home safely! Love all the photos and the accompanying titles, very funny!

  2. Where in the world is ELECTRA? Too funny about the gates.

  3. LOL - in Klingon. C'mon, realize that resistance is futile and you're always going to be dooomed to be at the furthest end from the gate you need to be at! It's the story of my


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