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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have you ever had

something go bad in your fridge? I made a salad for supper, put some feta cheese on top and curled my toes when I took a bite of it. Ooooo. I think the word "feta" is a derivative of the word "fetid". Even the cat shuddered and walked away. (She gave me a contemptuous look too). How long does it take a container of cheese to go bad, do ya think? A week? A month maybe? Will it last a year? Or more? This, I've discovered, is another drawback of travel that I hadn't considered. It's probably a good idea to check the fridge before one goes away for a period of time, but frankly that wasn't on my to-do list. In hindsight, maybe I should add it to my packing list. I should have known that something that is already well past it's "expiration date" (like me) likely will not live another couple of weeks, no matter how cold one's refrigerator is. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn't. Another lesson I skipped out on at school.
Speaking of refrigerators, what a fascinating word that is! If I had invented the English language, I would have used the -erator suffix (Is it a suffix? Are there any English teachers out there?)a lot more often. Such as in Vacuum-erator. Sewing Machin-erator. Comput-erator. Underarm deodorant-erator. Try any of these words. You know you want to. I'll bet you're saying them out loud right now. Alone in your room. They kind of slide right off your toungue, don't they? Ahh, if only I had invented the English language. We would be having so much more fun.


  1. I totally wish you'd invented the English language, so we'd have words like "Cat-litter-scoop-erator," and "popcorn pop-erator, and even "colonoscopy-erator." So yes, I did sit here alone thinking of words to, um, "erator-ate."

    Love that scrapbook page, by the way!

  2. LOL! Well, I am not sure how long it takes feta to go bad, but I'm pretty sure you have a good long time! LOL! Your layout is cute!

  3. I thought feta was already cheese gone bad??? I supposed it could taste worse than normal. I do like it on some things, though. Yea, the English language, now that would have been a hoot!

  4. How can you tell when sour cream goes bad?

    Thanks for stopping by earlier. And the compliment.
    Love your Joy.

  5. I think maybe when it starts swearing at you?

  6. Oh Electra I always laugh out loud when I read your posts.... guess it wasn't funny that the cheese went off...uuurgh but I think you should have invented the English Language too... would have been the funniest and fun way of speaking... can you imagine it...I can...ha ha ha-erator
    Have a great Easter
    Chris xx

  7. LOL x 2 and love your layout.

    We don't have an expiration date, we just mature like a fine wine.
    Or is it manure like a fine wine?
    One of them is right, and anyway what's a little consonant between friends...


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