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Monday, March 8, 2010

Woo Hoo!

See the pink cupcake? Huh? do ya?? Well, it for moi!! From my buddy Lori and I'm tickled pink!! Shhh, it's taken me a week to get this on my blog, but that's my issue, not yours.) I get to pass it on to five partners in crime. Drum roll please:
1. Lisa
2. Gini
3. Diane
4. Jana
and ta da!!! 5. Rosemary

Now I shall list ten things I like:

1. my cat (when she behaves)
2. the aforementioned blogs
3. my job (most days)
4. movie popcorn with tons of "butter"
5. creating things (no more children though, thank you)
6. travelling
7. eating out (as in not here. in my kitchen. with my pots. and pans. and dishes.
8. my cushy bed and duvet cover
9. my orange Harley truck
10. jewelry

OK, that would be my list. There are lots of other things, but I need to go find some supper. in my kitchen. with my pots. and my pans. and my dishes.
See what I mean?
Thanks Lori!


  1. You're welcome, GF. I clicked on the others you linked to, they're right along my humor line, too funny, and very talented, as well. Amazing how birds of a feather...flock together. ha ha Holy Crap, know what my security word is here? ELECTICA, how weird is that? lmao

  2. Aww thanks so much. Gosh, I have a million things I like, and thousands that I love...
    Right now, I am sitting here listening to my boys bark their heads off cause someone down the road is shooting off their shotgun.
    Hate the noise, love that I'm far enough out to have someone able to do that.

  3. Thank you so much. (now I have yet another blog topic. crap, now I have to find 10 things I love. Yikes. It's been a b!tch of a week. I'll manage. After all, tomorrow is another day....)

  4. Aahh thank you! Sorry to be late replying it's been a mad busy week, I like it slow and easy, no rushing or fussing but I ain't getting that at the moment.
    I like a nice sharp pencil quite a lot. No truly I do - everyone needs a nice sharp pencil or how will they draw prettily??
    I will try and get the award on my blog, I need a tin opener I think.


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