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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opus #47

I think the Opus challenges keep me sane. (As sane as I ever am, anyways.) No matter what else is going down in my world, I try to participate in this one thing.I find out what the challenge is on Sunday and then I think about it until something occurs to me. THIS ONE, however, was a toughie. We were asked to create something using a paper that we handle often. At first, I braided some post-it notes for an ATC background. it was kind of cool, but the colours, oh! the colours! You know those neon post-it note colours? They make them like that so they get your attention, I'm sure, which is why I use them every if I have to go out of the office and need to call someone when I return, I stick one of these things on my computer monitor. It never fails. but, just between you and me, when I stood back and looked at my creation, I almost tossed my cookies. It made me dizzy in fact. Note to self: (on a post-it, tee hee) NEVER, EVER make something out of those neon post-it notes. It will hurt your eyes. Maybe permanently. So, you know what DIDN'T work. I sat at my desk (when I should have been working) and looked around my office for something paper-like to use. I even went through my shredder-box. the problem is, everything I handle is confidential. Like heavy-duty, you'd better-not-breach-this-security-level-confidential, or we will find you... So I was nervous. Like I said, a toughie. I finally took the staff schedule off the wall, photocopied it, cut off the names and brought it home to use.
I have 13 staff and trust me, the schedule is a major part of my day. Either I'm making it, changing it, negotiating it, arguing about it, and then doing it all again next month. In fact, today I should have done up next month's but I didn't get to it. They'll just have to wait.
It's late, I'm wandering here. I cut out some reasonable approximations of flowers, glimmer-misted them, folded them a few times, which didn't really work, so I scrunched the heck out of them, put them togehter with a brad and made them into a card. The rest of the card is pretty self-explanatory. To be totally honest, I would rather buy a card than make a card, but hey, it's Opus, and well, you know how my first idea turned out. So there you have it. Thanks Poobahs!


  1. Electra, it's brilliant! I wouldn't have identified the schedule pieces if you hadn't said where they came from They're cool! The entire card is really sharp! Well done, girlfriend!

  2. Well, this Poobah would never have known you had any problems with this challenge because this card is fantastic! I love the scrunchiness for the flowers! It's fun to read the creative process you go through for our challenges. Does it help to know we're like that the week before we post a new challenge? LOL

  3. Hey, I think it turned out FAB! Love those flowers! The colors are awesome!


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