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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does this blog make me look fat?

I've been eating out a lot. That's cus I've been on the road, but the fact remains that I can't sit down comfortably with my jeans done up anymore. I have an all-day workshop tomorrow and will be wearing my stretchy-pants, even though it will mean I can't wear my runners, will need to wear heels so I don't look like a total dork. I WILL be putting my runners on for the trip home afterwards tho. Last night I had the best Mexican food. Salad with apples and pecans, homemade tortilla chips and REAL guacamole. And then tortilla soup...the waiter brought out a bowl with tortillas strips and shredded cheese and a few slices of (more) avocado and then he poured piping hot chicken stock over top. YUMMMM. I accidentally told him I loved him. Now you might think that's weird, but once in Vancouver I asked the owner of a cheese shop to marry me. My daughter was mortified.

Today for lunch I stopped at a Persian restaurant and had some kind of saffron chicken. I don't usually eat chicken, but it was so good, I did. There was also saffron/pomegranate rice and a delightfully healthy salad of some kind. (I mention the salads, so that my mother doesn't turn over in her grave.) I ate my lunch in the "hookah-free zone" by the way. Pity, I had my hookah in my purse.

Then for supper I ordered room service because I was too lazy to go out. I did some scrapbooking in my room,but have tried on and off for the past two hours to upload some pics with no success. No pics tonight. I should back up for a second and tell you that before I ordered room service, I went down to the gift shop anhd bought a pop and some snacks, knowing full well that to order those things through room service would require me to give them my first born...but when I went to pay, my debit card wasn't working. She tried again and then a third time and then pointed out to me that I had given her my room key, not a debit card. No wonder it wouldn't swipe properly. Embarrassing or what? So I went back up to my room to get the right card, and realized when I got off the elevator (on the 16th floor) that I had put cash in my pocket, cus I needed change for the chambermaid in the morning. So back down I went.

Now here's the good part. I ordered a salad (do ya hear me, Mom?) and sweet potato fries, which I love, love, love. When the woman came in with the food, she smashed (and I do mean SMASHED)into the wall and the food flew up in the air and came crashing down onto the carpet. The poor girl was mortified. I did all I could to reassure her, in fact, the salad landed face up, So I told her I would eat that while she went and got more sweet potato fries. She had a partner waiting in the hall and when she saw the girl on her hands and knees trying to pick up the fries, she gasped and said OMG! Did I mention that this particular hotel makes their fries shoestring-cut, so there were between 600 and 800 sweet potato fries on the floor, along with chipotle dip? Yup, 600-800, maybe 850.

It was a different girl who brought up the new order of fries. I think the other one quit.


  1. Feel for you on the fat Loose trousers just help you grow though I've found... they swell to allow the food to go
    Laughed such a lot at your story and oh boy do I feel for the girl picking up those fries... poor gal
    Chris xx

  2. LOL - omg, I'm almost crying here because we are long-lost sisters, I have the same kind of Lucy-Ethel adventures you do all on my very own. The poor room service girl, hope she didn't quit because I think you handled it quite nicely and a lot of people wouldn't have been so gracious.

    When you are traveling and scrapping you need sustenance and not some little ole salad. You need food, thinking and creative fuel. It's really scientifically proven; I'm not a doctor but I play one sometimes. (lol) Take my professional advice.

    I miss your photos but unlike some people I know (cough cough, Jana) I actually read through the posts without pictures to lure me. LOL - she is so going to bust me for that one....but she won't deny it.

  3. Too, too funny. That poor girl, having to pick up all those fries, which I'm sure were scrumptious (the second order, I mean, not to infer that you would eat fries off the floor). What adventures you have. You need to write a book. And no, the blog doesn't make you look fat.

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