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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Treats in the mail today!

These lovely earrings were in my mailbox today, another gift from the OWOH magic Carpet Ride. They were made by Diane of Turn Left at the Pigs. I fell in love with her blog and want to go visit her in her sanctuary away from the chaos of the city-it looks so peaceful. She sells more of these earrings in her Etsy shop, The Little Purple Room, you'll find a link on her website. I actually won one pair of earrings, the ones with the watermelon-coloured abalone, so I was surprised to find the second pair of filigree-worked delicacies. I am so spoiled.


  1. oh arent these gorgeous! you are very lucky!
    hey can you email here so i can send that dress pattern to you . I couldnt find a link on your profile or blog.

    im enjoying you blog jenxo

  2. Oooooo, these are beauts! Lucky you!

  3. These are very beautiful and what a nice treat in the mail!

  4. These are wonderful treasures. And to get a second surprise pair was fantastic. You are indeed a lucky lady.


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