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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My March Dress

Here is my little dress for March Dress Up 2010's month of March. I am so enjoying visiting other artists' blogs and seeing their creations, there is such variety and are so many wonderful dresses! Mine is made from a curtain sample I got somewhere. If I remember correctly it was at a thrift store. Isn't it wonderful how some people just won't throw anything out? Although our weather is warm right now, I guarantee we're going to get slammed before the month of March is done. We always do. Usually we get such a storm, that the schools and businesses close. With that in mind, I felt I should make a warm dress, rather than the diaphemous beauties I am admiring at other's blogs. It's also for a little girl who is a tad "chubby" shall we say? I wouldn't call her "fat" (who in their right mind WOULD call a girl "fat"?), just "comfortable". She likes her sweets.
The lace apron is made out of a leftover from one of my own little girl's nighties. She's 19 now, so that tells you how long I keep things around. The skirt is trimmed with plastic ribbon (Maya road, I think), and around the waist you'll find some more little pieces of ribbon I've had forever. The flower is a metal brad. A tiny piece of felt ribbon and button finish it off. She'll have to wear a coat of course, if she goes outside, but this wool dress will keep the cold wind from blowing up her sleeves and skirt. I know she'll wear this to the bakery and look very stylish indeed.


  1. ooo your dress is precious, I adore all of the details, the little house trim is super AND you are my kinda gal ... rescuing items and then giving them a new life! Beautiful!

  2. I'm crazy about this dress. Gotta love recycling and rescuing. I was so impressed by the trim with the little houses on it. In my opinion, it's what makes the dress. Lovely March addition and commentary on a dress for staying warm.

  3. love it ! and how you describe where all the bits & bobs are from
    and who would wear a dress like this !

    I like the little row of houses at the hem.

    Great dress

  4. Another beautiful dress Electra!
    I agree with everyone else about how inspired the addition of the houses on the bottom of the hem is. A fabulous touch!
    What a wonderful collection you're building!
    My mind is still completely blank so far. It's takes me about three weeks to come up with an idea of something I want to make, which is so NOT handy for all these weekly challenges!

    P.S. I emailed you a couple of days ago on your addy, did you get it?

  5. Sweet little girl dress.. love all the details... Another dress for the closet! TFS

  6. very like this dress.
    And,yes i live in Calgary :)

  7. oooh I just love your gorgeous dress, the colour is fabulous and I love the little story of how the little girl could wear it :D
    Hey I like to be warm so maybe I should borrow it one day too eh.
    Chris xx

  8. Chubby girls! Oh my....that was (and still is) me! LOL! Wish I had had such a pretty dress when I was a little girl...this is just awesome! You also have inspired me to start hobbling around thrift stores to see what I can find and rescue! Thanks and bravo! LynnF

  9. A chubby girl who loves sweets - that's me too! I love your dress and is so good that you've used something of your daughters in it too.

  10. Love your 'recycled' dress!!
    Adore the little houses trim!
    Such a fun challenge, I'm enjoying seeing everyones dress creations!!

    Jan x

  11. it is perfect for March with the weather so crazy.....I used upholstery fabric from a sample makes great dresses! yours is a beauty......bigger girl clothes rock too!

  12. Lovely colors and the special bits added with love, that little girl is lucky indeed! Christen


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