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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here are some of the folks I met this weekend.


  1. Good grief, we might know the same people.

  2. Eh what!
    Have you been giving Spanky custard?!
    You know it makes her hyper just like blue smarties do!
    I'd been doing so well giving her greens and carrots all week...
    I wondered where she'd sneaked off to.
    I thought she was time travelling again not playing wind flying ground games with you in Canada!
    How come I wasn't invited????

    Remember the stranger danger rules Electra!

    1. Don't take sweets off strangers and then marry them in Las Vegas on your first date. (Wot, not even for Hotel chocolate?

    2. Never make eye contact with the strange google-eyed green men or the fuzzy little toilet-scrubber people.


  3. Gini, did the stranger danger rules come about as a result of your own life experience? Where did you meet your Stan, by the way?

    And I can do Number 2. hahahahahahaha! You may not "get" that being as all your on the other side of the ocean and you speak a different language than us.

  4. It's an orange, and she loved it. So LEAVE US ALONE!!!
    Your invistation is in the mail. You have to come when you get it.

  5. It was at work.
    One look was all it took, no sweets involved. :-)
    3 houses and 2 kids later, one look is still all it takes.
    Does that make me easy or what??!!

  6. Easy, Definitely easy. A woman after my own heart.


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