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Monday, March 8, 2010

Opus challenge #45 It IS too so Easy Being Green!

I HAD to do this right away. Never mind the bazillion things I need to get done before I fly out of here on Wednesday, I HAD to get this done. This is my dear daughter's beau-I think he looks good doing his Leprachaun Leap, don't you? (Is that how you spell "Leprachaun? Can someone Irish help me out here? Rosemary???)
Anyways. There you go. Top of the mornin to ya.
On another, more serious note. (solemn music in the background) I googled the Order of the Opus Gluei this evening (yes OF COURSE I have it bookmarked, what, do you think I'm stupid, oh, never mind)and up came "OPUS DEI: YE SHALL BE JUDGED!!!"
Sufferin Succotash, scared me so bad, I fell right down on my knees in front of the computer and cried out "I'm so sorry, Lord!".
They should do something about that.


  1. Great LO... love the expression on his face....

    thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thats sooo funny. I told him to look at it too lol

  3. May as well let him know what kind of family he's gotten himself involved with. :-)

  4. LOL I love it thats so great that picture and believe me i know what im getting into and im fine with it:) Its so easy to be GREEN for me.

  5. This is brilliant! Best St. P Day card EVER!!! I'm going to bookmark THAT so I can return to it and get my smile on. :-)

  6. This is wonderful. Lovin' the green. Love his enthusiasm. He looks like a fun person. One of our motto's at Opus Gluei is that you will NOT be judged. We just don't roll that way. We accept you just as you are. Thanks for playing with us.

  7. This is a super fun layout! Great job!

  8. ooh this is great!! I love your extraction. Terrific work and funny too.

  9. I can barely type because I'm laughing too hard - Jana's right, we're not going to judge ye! OMG - I suppose I may have to confess for my naming it Opus Gluei (but it's humorous and not mean-spirited, honest, and I'm a guilt-riddle Catholic to boot but I don't feel about our OG).

    Okay, allow the girl of Irish extraction to help ye - it's leprechaun, you almost had it - but are you sure you aren't part leprechaun since they are mischievous folk? lol

    This is such a cool project - I love the beau's expression and your sentiment on this and the green is fairly glowing on my screen! LOVE IT

    Thank you for spending time on our challenge, even with a trip looming. We appreciate that sort of dedication! By the way, a package with ATCs is winging its way to you.


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