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Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is the Bridge I walked...see in the background?

I spent two hours at a coffee shop (are they still called that?) uploading these pics. It IS the hotel's service that won't let me do it! I knew it! Yahoo tech-support didn't know what he was talking about.
This is a backwards-post. I uploaded the first photo and posted a bit while I was waiting for it, then it worked and I got so excited that I stopped mid-sentence and uploaded another one and posted a bit more and then did the same thing again, and, and, and then I realized it would all be backwards, because the first photo would actually be the last photo of today's post. And so I went back and deleted all my words and then got all confused and wasn't exactly sure what I had meant to say...........oh my. I'm back in my hotel room and am too tired to say any more. Except that the last pic is actually the first and the titles are when I was still resentful at the hotel for being such a pain with their internet connection and so the titles with the pictures are while I was being terrorized by my computer (and the hotel's connection) and oh never mind. Maybe I can upload some more tomorrow while I'm in the airport. Just one last thing. If you followed this, I have some brain surgery I'd like you to do. I'm impressed. Catch ya tomorrow.

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  1. We can do backward pictures. I know what you mean about being frustrated with computer "issues". GRRRRRR.


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