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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm in withdrawal.

I need to make something every day, or I get a little cranky. and I am REALLY cranky tonight. I got my mail and there was this REALLY nasty letter (well, I wouldn't call it a "letter", actually, it was more like a threat) from the utility "folks" and I'm using that term in lieu of something a little more colourful, let me tell you...anyways, this document said that if I didn't pay my bill IMMEDIATELY I would be in big, they said VERY BIG trouble. Well, I need to give you a little background here. I have an impeccable credit rating. This is because I am positively ANAL about paying my bills on time. Absotively, posolutely, on time, if not BEFORE they are due. And I went to my records, knowing FULL WELL that these "folks" were, shall we say, full of doo doo, and yes, there it was, in my own terrible, semi-legible handwriting: the exact amounts I paid them in February and in January. AhHa! How dare they send me this, I sputtered. In fact, I was stomping around a bit. However, on a whim, I logged into my bank account so that I could tell them the EXACT day I paid them, and wait...where is it? what the heck? I checked and rechecked and checked again. (You know what's coming, don't you?) Well, apparently, I wrote the amounts down, but I didn't pay them. oops Lucky I didn't call them and give them a piece of my (somewhat confused) mind. THAT would have been, as Martha would say, "A bad thing." a very bad thing. I paid the bill. sheepishly. And reminded myself that my word for 2010 in "mindfulness".
Really pitiful postscript to this story: this utility company has been calling me each and every day for over a month now. I hang up on telemarketers. I used to say, "Thank you, but I'm not interested". Then I said "No, thank you". It morphed into "No!" Then "Don't call me again!" It ended at (crash) slamming the phone down.
So back to the fact that this utility company's number was showing up each day on my call display. I assumed it was a telemarketer. Twice I answered the phone and said "don't call me anyomre". The last time they called, I was a tad rude and let the individual at the other end of the line know, in no uncertain terms that he was NEVER to call me again. He was speechless. Have I told you I work with criminals for a living? Male ones? Well, suffice it to say, I have a way with words.
They haven't called me back. I guess that's why they sent the letter. oops Oh yeah, right, I said that before, didn't I.
Write 300 times on the blackboard, Electra: I will not tell telemarketers where to go anymore, I will not tell telemarketers where to go anymore, I will not....

I've posted some pages from my summer vacation album, simply because I haven't made anything recently. But I will.

There now, don't you feel better about yourself, having read this? Talk to ya soon.


  1. Oh my god, but this is something I would do. I get cranky too. I have wonderfully anal intentions too, that sometimes get taken over by events. As for the statements made over the phone, yikes, poor guys. Oopsie...

  2. this post had me laughing first thing in the morning. I think everyone could relate.

    -brightest blessings-

  3. Too funny. That was something I had put on my blog last week, There's nothing worse than the moment in an argument when you realize you're wrong. Yea. Layouts are gorgeous.


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