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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Good morning, it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Last night was "interesting". I checked into the hotel about 5 PM. Right away I went for a walk to see if I could get some sunset photos. Crossed the canal and walked to the "market" where all the restaurants are located. It took about 15 mins. No problem. I explored and saw some cool stuff, but the sun set pretty quickly and I decided to return to the hotel and have supper there. I crossed the canal and started to walk. Long story short, I zigged when I should have zagged. Seriously. I walked to Quebec. Now for those who don't know, Quebec is a different province (ie state) than the one I started in. This was NOT the plan. Good grief. I, of course, did not know I had done this, as I've never been here before. I walked and walked and walked, for over an hour, thinking, "well, I sure am taking the long way", but I was following the river and my map said I should be fine. I didn't know I was going north, instead of south. IT WAS DARK, OK???? Well, anyways, after an hour and a half (OK,OK, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes), I spotted a Holiday Inn in the distance. Success!! I trudged along, keeping it in sight. I made it there. But, it was not the Holiday Inn that I was staying at. What the heck? I asked if there was another one. Apparently yes. Oh, only 5 minutes, she says. (Did I mention everyone was speaking French, not English?) I thought that was strange. Off I went.
After 20 mins. I made it to the next Holiday Inn. Notice I say "next". Still not my hotel.
By this time, I'd concluded I'd stepped into a different dimension.
So I got a cab. (I could hardly walk at this point) He asked me where I wanted to go. I told him. He said "you mean in Ottawa?" HUH? Aren't we in Ottawa? NO.
What can I say. |The cab ride took a while and cost $15.00, so that tells you how far away I was. Did I mention the cab driver was speaking French too?
Back at my hotel at last, I collapsed in bed and ordered room service.
The weather is gorgeous, by the way.


  1. Totally sounds like something I'd do! I'm glad you made it back safely, and appreciate the giggle first thing this morning. Have a great trip!!!

  2. OMG, I know it wasn't funny at the time, but I'm LMAO. Thank God you made it back in one piece, though. Bet your feet are killin' ya this morning, oui?

  3. Oh my goodness but we can never, ever travel together. We won't make it back. We'll be lost forever. Sounds like one of my excursions. Isn't room service wonderful. (even if the food is only so-so?)

  4. Oh you were very brave, I think I would have cried!
    I have been know to go to the train station and just go to the platform that I arrived at and get on the train that was there. Er, no it wasn't going home, well it was going to someone's home town, just not mine. I check the board now. (This was in a major city with loads of platforms).
    Hey, it was the first time I was in charge of myself in a train station and I only did it once!

    Never mind, I think we can safely say you are living windswept and dangerously in Ottawa and Quebec.

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  6. 1. Oui, Lori.
    2. Yes, Room service is wonderful, Jana.
    3. Is that the same station from which Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, Gini? If so, we're lucky you DID get home.

  7. Oh, when Rosemary met Jana we were both on a business trip/class thingy and one night we all went out and this unnamed person (Jana knows I still curse her name) suggested we walk back to the hotel - freakin buzz kill - anyway, it took forever, my feet ached, and I threated to kick the unnamed person if I could lift my leg again! lol

    That said, I'm so sorry you walked all over (jeez louise!) just to get back to your place - yeah, that cab fare did put it into perspective for me! Have missed your lovely posts, m'dear!


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