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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One more sleep , actually maybe 1/2 a sleep

I only have a few random thoughts tonight as I munch my cheesies in my jammies. The cheesies are not IN my jammies. I am. and I'm eating the cheesies.
1.I love love love the coments fols leave here. It makes may day, so much in fact that I have been known to check in from work. I'm grateful that my computer monitor faces away from the office. People have been asking me why I'm smiling more. I just growl at them and walk away.
2. The Poobahs at The Order of the Opus Gluie are so far removed from being judgemental that I don't even think they judge each morning the weather. They just go with the flow.My comments yeterday were directly totally at the religiousfreaks and yes, that IS one word. and before you brand me as anit-religion, I'm not. I have a very strong spiritual life. All artists do. I get irritated when people tell me I'm going to hell and probably will be cleaning the toilets there as well. I may be, but they are not the ones to tell me that. HE will tell me that. so there. I would strongly suggest you check out Opus, they are so much fun and anything goes!
OhhhhhhhhhhhhI had somethin else, but it couldn't have been that important obviously.
See me in the canoe? We're heading from Quebec which is right across the river from where I'll be.
And I'll do my best to check in when I'm not working and acting like a grownup. Unless my suitcase disappears. That's where my laptop will be. Keep your finger crosed for me tomorrow. ALL DAY PLEASE! I know you will. We're friends after all. I would for you.
I'll catch you from Ottawa next! Take care


  1. Well, given the fact that I know you are a female, I don't think you're the dude hanging off the back of the canoe. lol Too much facial hair. Looks like a great area to be for the rest of the week!

  2. What? They made you row there? lol
    Don't go and bring back Mr. Guide, he looks a bit uber manly!

    Nyah, we don't judge and I wouldn't have thought AT ALL that you were anti-religious! Actually, Jana does judge the weather - she judges hers better than mine and we have to talk and she always lords the nice weather over me. She's mean that way! lol

  3. Don't listen to Rosemary. She's a bit crazy. I don't lord the weather. It just happens to blizzard when I schedule a trip to DC. Nothing freaky about that...

  4. 'm the one at the other end, barking orders. And I'm only anti-religious when someone feels they have the right to tell me what I must believe. Other than that, for ten years, I had a job helping men get in touch with their spirituality. I'm actually pretty darn open-minded.


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