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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge #44 Sawatdee!

which means "Hello" in Thai. Our challenge was to create something of another culture and I chose these two LO's from our month in Thailand. It was the trip of a lifetime for my girl and I. I was thinking about that trip and about all the weird weather we are all having this winter and how yesterday we weren't wearing coats and how today, you need gloves and a hat and a scarf...I know, that was a l-o-n-g sentence. Anyways, we landed in Bangkok and then went to the island of Phuket. THEN, we worked our way up through the country to the north. Get to the point, you say? OK. Well, the point is that we were at an outdoor market one evening in Chaing Mai, which is in northern Thailand and we saw these parkas for sale. So we looked and each other with this "what the heck?" look and wondered aloud who would need a parka in this weather? THEN we looked around. With our eyes open. Good grief, EVERYONE was wearing parkas. It was, like, 80 degrees! In the evening! What's up with that?
The moral of the story is I guess we get used to what we get. Whether it's weather, or friends, or our job, or the moon in the sky. That's another thing that was different about Thailand, the moon is sideways!! Sideways? you ask. Now what the heck is she talking about? Well, go outside and look at the moon. Last night we had a full moon, so I don't know what you'll see when you go into your backyard, but if your moon is in the waxing or waning phase or whatever it's called (yes, I skipped out of science class A LOT when I was in school. And French. but that's another story)and it's half&half (you know what I mean) the line between the light and dark will be going up and down, right? OMG, this is so hard to 'splain. Are you still with me? Unless of course, you live in Thailand, but let's pretend you don't. It's so much simpler that way. So, anyways, in Thailand, the line between the light and dark goes from side-to-side. So, in my world, it's like the moon is laying on it's side. I still look up at the moon here and remember that.
Where was I? So if you are in the middle of the States and there is snow up to your ying-yang and you are afraid to leave the house for fear you will freeze to death, I was toddling around town yesterday in my shirt sleeves singing the "Summertime" song from Oklahoma. It's all relative. Stay warm my friends, and remember, you could be wearing a parka in northern Thailand right now. Eating deep-fried cockroaches. 'nuff said.
And that is my contribution for this week's challenge at the Order of the Opus Gluei.
Bonne soir mes amis.


  1. My brother lives in Thailand - I must ask him about the moon !
    I love the name of your blog !
    Thanks for leaving a comment on mine x

  2. Thanks for explaining the moon thing, but I'm still confused, which is ok, since that's my normal state of mind. Your layouts are great, very creative, and lend themselves well to the challenge!

  3. Wow, this Thai moon concept is kind of confusing me too, but that's okay! I love the layouts, you talented lady, you really get the OG. Now send us a photo so we can make you an official greenhorn! lol

    C'est bon, mon ami!

  4. Update: For those who are having trouble with my explanation of the moon in Thailand, let me try again: The line between the light and dark parts of the moon is vertical where I live and it's horizontal in Thailand. Or at least it was when I saw it. Must have something to do with the axis of the earth which was by the way shaken the other day by the earthquake in Chili and now I feel dizzy all the time. Hope that helps! (not the dizziness, the explanation)

  5. Bhudda in a Parka you say?
    He looks like he's in his risky off the shoulder Elvis outfit to me. :-)

    I did not know about the sideways moon, what a brilliant and amazing world we live in.

    I'm still with you and I love pretending I don't ;-)

    Luverly layouts my dear!


  6. Love all the details in these gorgeous pages. Interesting chatter here about the moon. I think I get it. Anyway, Love the Buddah pages. I love Thai food too. We love you at Opus Gluei too.

  7. I think I follow the moon thingy, but I'm so waterlogged from all the rain we've had here in the past 24hours that I dont really know which way is up.... or is that sideways??

    Your layouts are fabulous, a delight for the eyes. I was instantly transported to my own holiday in Thailand and the tiny bus on Phuket that I shared with two giggling girls and their live eel. Which escaped. Wouldn't have missed it for the world because then you really know there's more to life than the suburb you live in.

    Oh dear, too deep and meaningful. Just to say "Love your work".


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