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Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Gallery

I REALLY wanted to go to the Art Gallery, mainly to see Linda Conners' photography, which was A-MAZE-ING. What I didn't know was that they one of Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures in the garden. I LOVE his work! We saw it in Washington, DC one year and I could barely tear myself away from it. Click on the photo to get a better look. There was also an "Outrageous Art" exhibit, with this piece made entirely out of comics. Very cool. I got a pic of it just before the guard gave me heck. At the entrance there was a sign that said you could take pictures without flash, but apparently, only of certain pieces. And I didn't know the secret code. At any rate, I loved the sculpture of the couple sitting on the bench. I tried to talk to them but they didn't answer. There was all sorts of awesome work there, I'm so glad I went.


  1. How cool! OMG I did a doubletake on the tourists!!! lol

  2. Great pieces. I wondered, for a few seconds, who the couple was? Your friends, folks you met there, until it dawned on me that it was a sculpture. DUH.
    I really LOVE the comic sculpture.
    Do you mind if I use your picture?


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