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Saturday, February 27, 2010

January Dress Up

My friend Gini told me about this wonderful project from this blog. You create a little dress for each month - the dresses that have been made are amazing! I came onto this a little late (quite late, actually) and so I'm only just now posting my dress for January. Gini has just posted hers for the same month so I don't feel too, too badly. Hers is here and it's pretty special. She had help from Spanky, so I really don't know why she's so late. At least I have a good reason. Procrastination. It's always a good reason.
I've done February's too, but still have to take a reasonably good photo of it, so it'll be up tomorrow. Just in time for March. good grief. Maybe I should start on April's, just for good measure. No, that would make too much sense. I'll just keep plodding along, marching to a different (and somewhat disorganized) drummer (and most likely tripping once or twice). That's what makes me so special. :-))


  1. Looks great mom, it's really pretty :D

  2. Fab dress for a sparkly start to the New Year! superb!
    I suddenly realised when I changed the Linky date from the end to the beginning of each month that it means I actually have to be ready on the 1st eek... that's tomorrow right??!! You just go on in your own time, the links stay open so no worries!
    Great to have you playing along. Margaret

  3. Good morning my lovely!
    Well your beautiful dress is almost as special as you are but not quite :-)
    It is perfect for a winter ball, I love it!
    I've photographed Febs dress but forgotten again to do it on a hanger, what am I like.
    I'll be posting that one today as well, we are obviously working to the same time schedule at the moment. Great minds think alike don't you know... Hmmm, does my one brain cell that is rarely round the front count as a great mind....nah!!


  4. the dress is beautiful - for NY ball!- it is so interesting to see how different they come out

  5. I am not sure how I missed this dress, but I'm glad to see I wasn't too late in finding it. I love all the gold, glitter, and sparkle of this dress. It doesn't matter that it's a bit late, because I enjoy it right now and that's really important. Super dress (and YOU have your wardrobe finished, which I don't).

  6. what a pretty dress----it would adds sparkle to any dreary winter day

  7. Oh my, I love this dress as well! It's all elegant and sparkly/blingy!!! Bring them on, can't wait to see this over the rest of the months!

  8. Oh, this is perfect for a New Years Eve Ball. With wonderful gold pumps. And hair swept up in a chignon. Can't forget the glass of bubbly now, can we.

  9. Oh WOW so glad I got to see your Jan dress too. It's a stunner, so elegant and festive!


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