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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Oasis

I've never seen an oasis. I heard about them in Sinbad the Sailor (OMG, is there anyone still alive who remembers that?)and of course Arabian Nights, but I didn't REALLY think they REALLY existed. Maybe you've seen them. I thought it was so very interesting, kind of like Creator made the desert and then looked at it and thought, Holy S*@&, that's really kind of monochromatic and makes me feel really thirsty and kind of dehydrated and so He made the oases. Is that how you spell it if there is more than one? Must be. If I had made the earth it all would have been covered with bling. But I didn't (and I know many many people are relieved) and so I think the oasis is Creator's version of bling. Yes, that's what it is. Desert bling.


  1. God's bling, I love the idea! The Lord's Stickles as it were? You not only take a great photo but you write a great post too!

  2. What a very cool thing to get to see. I am loving your vacation pics.

  3. Where is this oasis? It's gorgeous. I've hiked out to an oasis once, in... or rather, near, the Sonoran Desert. It was totally amazing, just out in the middle of nowhere and suddenly - there it was!

  4. It's just outside of Palm Desert, California.


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