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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Movie Colony

Did you know Liberace had a mailbox shaped like a grand piano? Me neither. I took one of those tours to see where the movie stars live (with all the other elderly folks) and it was actually pretty cool The other problem was, I lost my passport that day. I rented a car the next day and re-traced my steps and sure enough, they found it on the bus. I stood there crying when they gave it back to me. ARRRGGGHHH.
Hey, maybe I should get a mailbox shaped like a bottle of Stickles.


  1. A mailbox shaped like stickles!! (LOL)

    I guess mine should either look like a Coke bottle or a Xyron sticker maker!!!!

    God bless that Liberace, he was some character!

  2. I would love your mailbox.
    All sparkley. Ooooooohh.


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