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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soup to Nuts

I have been feeling a HUGE need to make something. Anything will do, as long as I do it with my hands. Where to start, what to make? This week's challenge at Opus Gluei asks us to either finish or start something (keeping in mind that their challenges are always open to liberal interpretation, which is tigerrific, IMO) and so, I went back into my Shuttercal daily photo calendar and caught up. I was 13 days behind, so this was no easy feat. I feel so much better now. This is something I began last November, then stalled after two days of enthusiasm, then got back to it and did a photo a day for all of December. I am committed to doing this, one day at a time, all year, unless of course I drop my camera into another lake. But that won't happen, as I have made the decision to staple it to my left hip whenever I am near any bodies of water. ouch. Here's my project: here

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