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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

People Behaving Badly

P stands for People Behaving Badly. (And NO, I did NOT make this just for this post. I`m not crazy, after all.) Have you ever seen that Walmart Nation website where they show pics of people who are caught on camera,wearing the most DISTURBING outfits of all time, while they do their shopping at our favorite store? Well, I have and let me tell you, it makes my eyes hurt. Never mind that my daughter says I should be on that website. In honour of that website and the sentiment behind it, I snapped this shot of this young gentleman strolling through my neighbourhood on Valentine's Day-I'm sure he had dressed for dinner and was on his way to take his ladylove out for a candlelight dinner at the local Burger King. You would have to live in my neighbourhood to understand this. Anyways, that is not what this post is about. As much as I hate to admit this, I have been watching Reality TV. Yes, I know it's hard for you to believe and it's even harder for me to reconcile with my view of myself as someone with at least a modicum of class, but it's true. For the first two years that this crap came out, I refused to watch it, railing on about the fact (in my mind) that the networks were simply too cheap and too lazy to pay their writers to come up with new material. But it's sneaky, this drivel. First they stopped making shows that a reasonably intelligent person could get into, then they stopped making anything other than a few classics and this reality-babble here and there. But then, there was not much else. So what choice did I have? I had to give in. And now, I am appalled at the antics of the various housewives, jersey boys, couples with 63 children and one more on the way, and top chefs and their behaviour in front of god and everyone. Now don't get me wrong, I AM NOT A PRUDE. Far from it. In my younger years, if it could have been done, I probably did it. Now I make my livelihood helping people who are still doing it. HOWEVER, supposedly upscale young (and I use THAT word loosely) women trying to pull each others` wigs off in the middle of the street and glorified CEO`s, CFO`s and Yoo Hoo`s yelling obscenities at impressionable, frightened to the point-of-stuttering young entrepreneurs makes me wonder what the gadzooks is going on. Have we all lost any sense of decorumÉ Or self-respect, not to mention respect for othersÉ
I yearn for the day of yore when your parent would slap you upside the head and wash your mouth out with soap if you misbehaved. Oh man, have you ever tasted soap-not pretty, not pretty at all. Not that I ever tasted it of course. I just heard my brother talk about it.
I`m almost done here. You see in the middle of my post how where there should be question marks, there are now accented capital È``s insteadÉ And the quotation marks aren`t quotation marks anymoreÉ See, there, it just happened. That`s what my puter does when it thinks I should wrap it up, it switches into French here and there. Good grief. I AM in Canada, but this is just silly.
I guess that`s a wrap then. No big deal though, because 16 and Pregnant is coming on. Gotta run. TTFN.


  1. I L-O-V-E your "P". Too cool. Makes me want to go and decorate my "J". Right now. I have one. It's naked. teehee. I can't believe that man was wearing shorts. Nevermind the skeleton...
    I have to admit that I too, skoffed at reality shows. Now it's a family event every week to watch Survivor. Go figure.

  2. Agree with the reality shows. I refuse to watch them. Haven't given in a'tall. Probably because when I do have a spare minute, I'm in the studio craftin' my arse off. Your "P" is fantastic, love the colors!


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