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Monday, February 15, 2010


Yesterday, my daughter's BF was in the back of my truck as we drove somewhere. I forgot that sitting in the middle of the back seat, safely buckled in were Hoops and Yoyo.
Now you need to understand that these little guys have travelled far and wide with me, to Thailand, the Caribbean, Cuba, Southwest and Eatern United States, 5 Canadian Provinces, Mexico... I had them in the back seat to take a photo for the sidebar of my blog, exactly this blog that you are reading right now. And I forgot about them.
So there he is , in the back seat, not saying a word sitting next to this lime green bunny and hot pink cat, and thinking god knows what. Didn't say a word when we stopped either. Nor when we parted company and he and my girl went out for a lovely Valentine's dinner. Then, as I was falling alseep last night, my eyes shot open and I said to myself, OMG, he must think I'm a lunatic. ARRRGGGHHH.
When I spoke to him later that evening, I tried to 'splain to him who the little critters were and why they were buckled in to my back seat. He was cool. No, no, it's perfectly allright, I understand. No problem.
This is my first experience as a "mother in law" as it were and it seems to me it's one heck of a good deal. You can get away with anything and no one bats an eye. Even if you ARE a lunatic.


  1. Well electra you are a winner!
    I do not see a contact link in your profile so please email me with your addy and stuffs so I can send you these awesome earrings for your lobes girl.

  2. Laughing!

    Still laughing!!!

    Great post. You always make me smile.

  3. Sounds like your daughter picked a good one.
    (LMAO by the way)

  4. laughing and understanding
    i am a mother in law and trust me there are many times I have been there with you doing things that make perfectly good sense to me
    but not to others!! my 'kids in laws love me for who i am not necessary what i do or say!!!
    It is a fun life huh?


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