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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Dress Up

Here is my dress for the month of February. I loved making this one, wish I could wear it, but I think it's a little too small. The underskirt is cut from pink paper with lips all over it. You can't see that, cus I covered it up, but trust me, it speaks of Valentine's Day! Over that is a lace doily that I sprayed with glimmer mist. Velvet ribbons, glittery while flowers and a little bling finish the skirt. The bodice has a cut out heart from ribbon, an epoxy heart from eons ago, somewhere, and the straps are felt curlicue hearts. A sequined belt completes the outfit. Now, don't you think I should wear this to a fancy dance somewhere? All I need is a dance. and a date. And a diet. Maybe not.


  1. Your dress is beautiful. I think your dress should at least show a bit of the risque petticoat, but I understand modesty. I was most fascinated by the straps and how you wrapped the bodice over the hanger, then held the straps on the top. You are a paper engineering genius!

    Yep, I think you should wear that beauty out and about. I bet you would fit right into it and be the belle of the ball!

  2. Superb!! love everything about this dress, the shape is fab and beautiful layering, can't we just have a teeny tiny glimpse of the petticoat??! Margaret

  3. I love this and yes, I would want to wear it too. Why don't grown up girls get to have princess dresses? wah wah wah

    The glimpse adds to the mystery and allure...(insert sexy growl)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment, both of your dresses are beautiful and so sweet.

  5. Oh this dress is so beautiful!
    Fantasmagorically wonderful in every little detail!
    It is obvious how much you are enjoying making these!
    What is the little peek of the wardrobe in the background? Is it work in progress or finished, please tell??

    I just thought of two things.
    The first thought I had was about how you read in the fashion magazines advice to wear sexy underwear to give yourself confidence even though no one is necessarily going to see your underwear - that one is regurgitated regularly and I was going to say that even though the underskirt can't be seen it'll give your wearer confidence :-)

    My second thought was how you're not to worry about fitting into the dress, because I have a shoehorn and a very determined personality so Electra will fit in the gown and go to the ball, oh yes she will...

    But then I had the most marvellous idea! (Oh - that makes three ideas now.)
    What we really need are Top Hats! Yes - Top Hats because I reckon we could fit our January through to June dresses around the sides of the Top Hat and wear them all at once. (July and August could even be strapped to a knee each!)

    My goodness I'm a Ginius!
    (mawaahaa - I can't claim that one as my own invention unfortunately, my friend Sylvia came up with it)

    What do you think?
    Will we take the paper crafting world by storm?
    Will we become trend setters?
    We have until July to find a Top Hat to borrow or we could make them out of black card hmmm...

    I also just realised that Spanky is the perfect size for these dresses :-)
    (that's four ideas!)

    If I write the longest comment evah, do I get a prize? Because you know I could go on and on all night.

    The three D's? I thought it was the three R's! But I never was any good at dating.
    (boom boom)

    Your friend the Ginius

  6. This is wonderful. I would wear it. If I were a hundred times smaller. You now have me thinking paper dress design. Hmmmm. Guess I will have to play now too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Ginius:
    1. We'll apply your theory to her petticoat, as her underwear is droopy with bedraggled elastic. Just like mine.
    2. Unless you have a shoehorn as big as a bulldozer, I may have to pass on this year's ball. You haven't seen my behind. Confidence is not my strongest point, maybe I should change my underwear.
    3. I'm all for Top Hats, although I'll never know how you came up with that idea? Do you live in a circus, my friend? Even if you do, I'll still like you.
    4. Spanky should start packing, as a personal fitting will be in order. I'd be at the airport, just let me know the flight number.
    5. You HAVE won the prize for the longest post evah. Please email me and I'll send you your prize. (Honest! Really and Truly!! Do it!!)
    6. You should really take your medication each and every day, you know. :-)

  9. P.S. I'm really unhappy with the way the wardrobe turned out, and will start over with it. You'll have to be patient, my friend!

  10. oh, it is beautiful!!!! I love it so much, I want to wear it too..when you make one my size let me know!

  11. No I don't live in a circus, although it's sometimes a mad house when the boys have their friends around to play, and it gets very loud!

    I once read that an author had created a character that was a Hamster trainer for a circus though. Or it might have been that she had once been a hamster trainer and was using that experience to create an authentic character for her book who was a hamster trainer. I get a bit woolly on anything that has happened before my last sleep ;-)

    Er - this is me when I HAVE been taking my medication :-)

    Oh what a shame about your first go at your wardrobe, get the Gesso out and do a do over!
    I heart gesso.
    That's the good thing about blogging, only the little bits of shiny make it into a post; all the numerous "little bits of crap" never make it :-)


  12. Hello,your dress is very romantic :)

  13. aww very sweet little dress, wouldve loved to have seen the petticoat with lips!

  14. It's a lovely dress! You and your friend 'Ginius' are just so funny!

  15. Oh SO pretty, the heart is a perfect touch!
    I do not know how I missed your other dresses!


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