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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opus Challenge #42

is called "Asian Motivation". We were challenged to create something with either an Asian theme, or in honour of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, something tigerish. I was stumped and couldn't decide what to do. So, I decided to do both. In one project. Yes, you heard me, one project. Now you may be asking yourself how an Asian theme (with all of the attendant beauty and grace) could possibly be combined with a, dare I say it, slightly Tiggerific type of theme. Never you mind, how, just believe me when I say, if you put sunglasses on ANYthing, you can make it work. So my submission is an encaustic art journal page (yes, I am still trying to learn how to do this)of both Tony the tiger and Yuko, the pizza delivery girl. And that's all I shall say for tonight, as I cannot keep my eyes open one moment longer.
Catch you tomorrow. TGIF (almost)
And for those of you who don't know who Tony the Tiger is, enjoy your Fruit Loops, you have know idea what you missed. (I hate those little elves who paint cheerios with honey or whatever it is they do.)


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    That is a brilliant interpretation of the Asian theme.
    Just fabulous!
    I adore those sunglasses :-)

    Tony used to get mocked in my home when I was a kiddy, mainly by my older brother; and we all know how cynical older brothers can be. He never did understand the greatness that was Cindy (the English version of Barbie at the time)

    Do you fancy joining in the Dress Up 2010 challenge then?? I'm doing January at the moment seeing as I'm a bit behind.
    We can compare sparkles...


  2. You combined these in a really fun manner! I love that you decided to do both inspirations together!!!

  3. Love this. You are so talented. I am loving those sunglasses. Made me smile. And I needed a smile this morning. It's my turn to get the girls off to school. Thanks for being such a faithful Opus Gluei Groupei. We ADORE your creations.

  4. LOVE this.... its everything I wish I could create (and then I go off and do something monochrome and squared!!) but cant seem to manage to do. I didn't get the Pizza girl but Tony the Tiger made me laugh. Great stuff.

  5. It's Grrrreat! lol Love how you married the two themes together. Very creative and totally fun!

  6. Hi Gini! Yes, I will join the Dress Challenge-my goal today is to find a cigar box-Thanks for the template! Hugs to you!

  7. What a hip interpretation! I love the Tony the Tiger you put in there! Take care, ~Diane

  8. That is the funkiest card i have seen in a long time and i am loving every bit of it...

  9. Pity the sad soul who doesn't know Tony the Tiger - they live a sheltered life with leprachauns who are worried about their lucky charms!!!

    That said, this is a great interpretation - sassy and witty! Love the pizza delivery girl too! But it is Tony who gives this Asian influence the good luck the Year of the Tiger is supposed to bring!!!!


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